Mod application

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    • Mod application

      What is your in-game name (Please try to not change it while we evaluate your application): LinuxOmni
      Have you applied with us already? If so please paste a link to your previous application here: I have made a few for Zeth, which is currently merged with you.
      What timezone are you in?:GMT
      What country do you live in?: England
      What languages do you speak?: English and a bit of French
      Can you record screenshots and/or record video?: Yes
      Why do you think you should become a mod? (Make this as detailed as you think is necessary): you should choose me as a staff member because I am very experienced at being a member of staff on minecraft servers. I love lending out a helping hand and being there if there is any trouble going down. I know a lot of the players on this amazing server, and really think that selecting me as a member of staff would be a great idea, as I know a lot of people and could potentially help boost the server population by being there to help and making the server more enjoyable to play on. I have read all the rules, and have memorised them fluently, meaning there will be no mistakes in what I do as a Helper, and will hopefully be a flawless one. I am from England, so it would be great for the server with someone from a different timezone, to keep all those kiddies who think that when staff are not on they can be abusive and rude. I will be there to moderate the chat when other staff members are asleep so these people will not get the chance to ruin the server for others.

      If I was to get accepted, I would make sure no one, even my friends, would swear or be abusive, or just being annoying such as spam and so on, and make the server more enjoyable for others. if I was to catch someone hacking, and I did not have the permissions to permanently ban them, I would gather enough evidence to send to higher members of staff to deal with, but I would tempban for as long as I could, until the higher staff dealt with them.

      How long can you be active on the server everyday?: Around 2 hours on a weekday due to having to study for my A-Level exams. And on weekends around 5-6 hours each day.
      How long have you been playing on Minescape?: I have played it before for a few hours, but came here due to merge with Zeth.
      Have you ever been banned in the past? Not just this server, but any. (Forums & In-game): N/A
      Do you have any past experience as a moderator? Include evidence: I Have Owned, Co-owned, managed, moderated and been builder on various small servers. I was Builder, Head-Builder, Helper, Moderator, Admin and manager on the server you have merged with. before I was demoted due to inactivity. The most successful server I have ever worked for was a server my friend and I owned which had 50+ players online in peak times of the day. I left the server due to thinking it would fail, and stopped funding it. The server then shut down a little time later.
    • Hello LinuxOmni.
      I have read your application and it seems very rushed due to minor details and to cover this you used a bigger font and therefore I am going to deny your application

      To improve on your next application, all I advise for you to do, is take more time to complete the application and with more details. Please give us examples of your past experiences stating what server you worked on and what your role was.

      Thank you though for taking your time to apply to work alongside with us.

      Good luck on your next application.