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  • Gritzalem -

    Posted a new thread: Gritzalem Trial-Mod Application

    How old are you? (Although there are times when someone who's quite young has a better application than an adult, we'd prefer over 13!): 13 What is your in-game name (Please try to not change it while we evaluate your application): Mortel Have you…
  • Brabenv13 -

    Replied to the thread Mod application.

    Hello LinuxOmni. I have read your application and it seems very rushed due to minor details and to cover this you used a bigger font and therefore I am going to deny your application To improve on your next application, all I advise for you to do, is…
  • Brabenv13 -

    Replied to the thread Staff APP | Parosol.

    Hello Parosol, your application sticks out like a sore thumb, but in a positive way! You have included lots of information which allows us to get to know you more on a different level and know your past experiences as being a staff member on multiple…
  • Brabenv13 -

    Liked Lpnt’s post in the thread Application.

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    My advice for you, when submitting future applications, would to try to be as professional as possible. When I look at your post, I see almost a complete lack of basic conventions as well as overall maturity ("Lol," "XD"). Your style of writing may…